Elizabeth Perry


Elizabeth was drawn to teach at Overfield in 2009 by the value it places on art and nature as integral parts of learning. As Atelierista, a.k.a., Studio Artist, she loves getting to work with all ages and to see them grow from Toddlers through Kindergarten. Elizabeth has also been part of the Leadership Team since 2013, when the school adopted a shared leadership model.  She earned a B.A. in Art at Williams College, and a Masters in Landscape Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. Elizabeth has loved Overfield since she attended the school herself in its original Overfield Tavern location. As a student there, she loved playing outside, hammering at the work bench and climbing into the loft to look at books, pastimes that she still enjoys in slightly varied forms to this day. She lives with her husband, Wayne and his daughters, Grace and Lauren, both Overfield alums.