Matt Helke

Matt received his B.S. in Psychology from Wright State. For two and a half years he was an investigator with Miami County responding to cases relating to child abuse. He was VP for a national recruiting firm for six years before starting his own company in 1996. While running his own company he also substitute taught in Miami County for eight years. Retiring from his company in 2015, he came to The Overfield school.

“I wanted to come to Overfield because I love teaching and had a great experience with the school from when my two children came here 20 years ago.” (His wife Beth is an Overfield Alumni also). “I believe in the schools philosophies and knew Overfield was a perfect fit.”

Matt also coaches baseball for Troy Schools and the Dayton Classics. He is an active 25 year Accredited Interscholastic Coach, Certified Sports Psychology Coach (Ed.), Certified Sports Hypnosis & Visual Guided Imagery, Certified Core Conditioning Specialist and Certified Biomechanics Specialist (Human Body Movement).