Annual Fund


How Can I Give?

  • Via credit card online by clicking the button below
  • In person by calling the office at 937.339.5111
  • Cash or check made out to “The Overfield School”
  • Recurring payments
  • Securities
  • Planned Gifts

What is the Annual Fund?

Annual Giving is vitally important. The Overfield School relies on income from charitable contributions through the Annual Fund to help reach a balanced budget each year.

What About Tuition?

Tuition makes up about 70% of the operating budget, while the Annual Fund and other charitable giving help cover the remaining cost. The Annual Fund helps tuition to be kept at reasonable rates for the market we serve.

What would happen without Annual Giving?

The Overfield School continues to offer an unsurpassed student-to-teacher ratio in an environment where joy, wonder, and imagination foster life-long learning in young children. Income from Annual Giving allows us to provide such necessities as teacher salaries, educational technology, materials and equipment. Without the support of our generous donors like you, Overfield simply could not maintain this standard of excellence.

Who typically donates to Annual Giving?

The vast majority of Annual Giving contributions come from current parents and grandparents, although we also depend on the participation of alumni families, faculty, friends, trustees, foundations and corporations.

Why Give?

Generous and consistent support allows The Overfield School to maintain the highest quality early childhood educational experience possible for all students today and in the future. Additionally, a contribution to The Overfield Annual Fund offers the opportunity to make a tax-deductible gift in any amount.

How Much Should We Give?

We ask each family to participate at a level appropriate for their unique financial circumstances. All we ask is that you give no more or no less than you are able. Every gift, regardless of size, is important to this effort and helps to support the school in essential ways. We strive for 100% participation from all current Overfield Families.

Why is There so Much Emphasis on Participation?

In addition to providing financial resources vital to The Overfield School, high rates of participation in annual giving are essential to the school’s ability to attract gifts and grants from foundations, corporations and other individuals.

Questions? Please call the office and ask for Erin Johnston at 937.339.5111

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