This week at Overfield we look forward to two special traditions:

  • Grandparent and Special Friends Days on February 26 and 27. We’ll have games, music and art materials available that children and their grandparents can enjoy together. Feel free to invite guests for one day or two, and RSVP if possible to your child’s teachers. Classic books, selected by our librarian, will also be displayed and available to purchase and donate to Overfield’s library.
  • Book Days Celebration on Saturday, March 1 from 10:30-11:30 at Jay and Mary’s Book Center. We will continue to celebrate literature at this Family Partnership-hosted event. Join us for music with Carla Briggs and a special reading of an Overfield favorite. You’ll also be able to purchase books from an Overfield-recommended book list at a discounted rate. Afterwards, you may want to head down the road to Marion’s to join other families for an informal buy-your-own-lunch gathering.

Calendar Change The 2-week Ohio Arts Council Residency originally scheduled to begin March 3 has been rescheduled for April 14-25. Kate Kern, a visual artist who specializes in drawing, will be joining us to work with children for two weeks. She replaces visual artist Debbie Brod, who was originally scheduled but had to step down. You can see some of Kate’s previous residency work online.