As we say goodbye to students and families for the summer, the leadership team and faculty are busy planning for the fall. Most of our fantastic teachers plan to return, and many of them will be working in different classrooms due to shifts in enrollment, changing personal lives and our constant commitment to collaboration and professional development:

  • Melissa Reineke will move to South Side where she and Carla Briggs will teach the 3 to 4 year-old class. When a few more students enroll, we will be able to add a third teacher and Suzy Spangler will then return to South Side.
  • Families have shown great enthusiasm for the morning North Side class, so we plan to have three teachers there to allow for increased enrollment: Beth Beane, Shandar Thompson and Carrie Morehead. Beth will also teach the afternoon North Side class.
  • Sarah Sarver will take on Before Care and Lunch Bunch, and will continue to care for children after hours as well.
  • Laura Daehnke will return to Kindergarten, and Nyna Anderson will return to the Multi-age All Day class. Jennifer Lightcap will once again be teaching the Toddler classes, with Megan Meyer joining her for the Thursday-Friday class.

We would love to grow our classes for next year even more, so remember to keep an eye out for friends and neighbors who may be interested in our school. Your experiences as parents are some of the most powerful endorsements that exist.

You may have noticed that Ann Gilbride’s name is missing from the lineup. That’s because she is retiring! Ann’s incredible creativity, diligent work and gentle spirit have made her a joy to work with. Teachers, parents and children alike will miss her greatly. Ann and her husband are planning a move to Florida. Until that happens, we hope to welcome her back as a substitute teacher.

We are deeply grateful for the incredible support and enthusiasm our Overfield families have shown for the school this year. We hope to see you again soon, whether you return with a current student for fall classes or come back with an alumni for summer camp or just to say hello. We cherish the time we have been able to spend with each of your children, learning from their joyful spirits and perceptive minds.