What a nice time we had with families Saturday afternoon, singing, walking and visiting on a beautiful fall day. We are so grateful to our wonderful Overfield families for all the effort they put into supporting our school.

This Thursday, November 14, we will start a roundtable discussion with parents and caregivers who are interested in how to bring a Reggio-inspired approach into their daily lives with children. Please join the conversation after morning drop-off in the Gathering Place. All will be welcome to share experiences, discuss what they are learning about the Reggio philosophy, and think together about how it can be played out on a daily basis at home. Coffee and baked goods will be served. Feel free to bring your young children along as we dialogue together.

Family ConferencesSign up sheets for family conferences will be posted outside entryways later this week. The conferences, which will be held December 2 and 3, are for the families of all South Side, North Side, Multi-age and Kindergarten students. Conferences give teachers a chance to learn more from you about your child. Parents and teachers will also discuss your child’s life at school and any questions you may have.